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Get Fit Bundle Guides 1 & 2

  • 12 weeks in total of workouts
  • Includes weightlifting, cardio & abs workouts
  • The guide is suitable for all levels and anyone who is looking for weight loss, cutting & bulking
  • You would be focusing on each body muscle, there are lower body days, uppers body days
  • You will be training 5 days a week and each session is hour long
  • There are supersets, dropsets and failure exercises to feel the intensity for each workout
  • Both guides are gym based as you would need gym equipment to do the workouts
  • Exercise Library, pictures on how to perform each workout
  • AFLETE app for videos and tracking

Price: GBP 40.00 / EUR 45.45 / USD 52.20 Save 16%

Fitness Guides

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Main goal with the guide: Get stronger overall. Stay lean and build muscle mass. (Recommended weekly split: 2-3 days workout. 1 day rest. Repeat!)

  • 8 weeks guide
  • 2 weeks split
  • 10 different workouts
  • 5 days workout & 2 days resting per week
  • Weight lifting and cardio
  • 3 lower body days / 2 upper body days / week
  • Videos for each exercise and tracking in the AFLETE app
  • PDF for workouts and exercise library

Price: GBP 26.00 / EUR 30.00 / USD 35.00

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FitOeberg Summer Guide

This is the ultimate summer guide! Divided into 4 days of hard work in the gym, 1 HIGH WEEK followed by 1 LOW WEEK for 8 weeks. 2 active rest days and 1 day totally off each week. This guide will for sure challenge you and help you get into a summer shaped body!

The target in this summer guide will mainly be growing your booty, getting leans legs, get those abs working and hitting sweaty cardio sessions!

You are the only limit of your own goals!

Price: GBP 26 / EUR 30 / USD 35

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Get Fit With Hanna Oberg

Train all muscle groups in one week

  • 4 Week Training Program
  • 5 Workouts a week
  • Includes videos of exercises
  • Track your workouts through the app
  • Based on my own exact training

Price: GBP 22 / EUR 25 / USD 30

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Hanna Oeberg Booty Guide

Program that focuses on Booty

  • 8 Weeks Workout Program
  • 3 Workouts a week
  • Includes videos of exercises
  • Track your workouts through the app
  • Based on my own exact training

Price: GBP 22 / EUR 25 / USD 30

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Hanna Oeberg Home Workout Guide

MUST HAVE equipment

  • 1 miniband (smaller resistance band)
  • 1 longer resistance band

A HOME WORKOUT GUIDE for those who don’t have the time or possibility to go to the gym but still want to keep chasing their goals! This guide is divided into 4 weeks and each week we are raising the bar and pushing our own limits. Working through the body over 3 workouts each week. AND, this workout guide is as important as if you were in the gym. Keep your head in the game, focus on the exercises and work with your body, and I promise you that this guide will burn and help you achieve your goals!

Price: GBP 22 / EUR 25 / USD 30


Fitness enthusiast since 2010 - now a full time influencer and inspirer and certified nutrition advisor - I strive to help people reach their goals and live better lives. My philosophy is that food and training can and SHOULD be fun. I hope we can share that mindset and hopefully my guides will help you on your journey. The power of change is in your hands, but my goal is to help you on the way.

Use the hashtag #FitOeberg to show me your progress and also have the chance to be re-posted on this website!

Includes videos for exercises

Access workouts on AFLETE App

Progress Tracking
Workout Tracking
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