Pregnancy Workout Guide

"I’m pregnant, I’m not sick” is what I answered when I received comments saying I shouldn’t work out when being pregnant. I knew for a fact that keeping my body strong and healthy only would benefit both me and my baby boy.

This workout guide is a:

  • 8-week guide 
  • 3 workouts per week 
  • 2 workout splits
  • 6 different workouts in total
  • Based on my training as pregnant
  • Targets all muscles 
  • No cardio, the focus is on strength training

For the first block (week 1-4) the split will be lower body, upper body, & full body. The second block (week 5-8) the split will be lower body, push day & pull day.

It's possible to restart the guide once you have completed it.’

Price: GBP 22.00 / EUR 25.00 / USD 30.00